Saturday, February 7, 2009

A nosey problem

I had dental surgery the other day. It was not pleasant, but the most unexpected result was the doctor's follow-up order: I can't blow my nose for the next 10 days.

Until now, I never realized how often a person feels the compulsion to blow their nose.

I don't have a cold and allergy season is weeks ahead, but when I wake up in the morning, I grab a tissue and feel the automatic need to blow. Now, I have to stop. Because I can't.

Well, technically I can. I confess. I forgot once. My mouth filled with blood. Not a wonderful sensation.

It's still winter. When I come in the warm house from the freezing driveway, I get that urge. And now and then I catch myself just in time.

It's not something I ever would have thought would be a problem. But it is.

My daughter is counting down. "Ten more days until you can blow your nose!" "Nine more days!"

I'm trying not to sniffle. I hate people who sniffle all the time. I'm popping Clariton to keep myself dry.

Now I know how smokers feel when they're trying to quit. You get that urge - but you can't.

Oh well, nine more days . . . and counting.

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